Teen sews bears and pillows for those rescued/recovered

Posted Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 3:09pm
Teen Sammy Slater sews bears and pillows for those rescued/recovered

Since she was 13-14 years old, Sammy Slater has been making pillows and bears to help comfort hurting individuals.Sammy, who is now 19 and currently attends Sam Houston State University and works 3 part-time jobs, still finds time to reach out and provide, in her words, "something they can hold, squeeze and hug when they get scared or nervous. I remember as a kid if I was ever scared, I wanted to squeeze a stuffed animal".

A Victims Studies major, she is learning how hard it is for victims of any crime, especially human trafficking.

She's made and given away over 200 pillows/bears and doesn't intend to stop!

Sammy's advice for someone who wants to help but doesn't know how or what to do?

 "Helping others is easier than many people think. You can use your strengths, talents and skills to help. Talents and skills like art for example, you can paint or draw anything you can think of and sell them to raise money.  You can create unique things to raise money. You can sew clothes, pillows, bags and donate or sell to donate all proceeds to an organization that helps victims. For strengths, it starts with having love and compassion in your heart and the motivation to make a difference".  

CCHT is so proud of Sammy, her heart for others and her desire and actions that truly DO make a difference!  Keep up the great work young lady!!