CCHT travelled to Louisiana to provide hurricane relief supplies

Posted Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 3:07pm
Helping our friends in Louisiana

CCHT travelled to Louisiana to provide hurricane relief supplies for our neighbors in Lake Charles. We partnered with the Cajun Army and took items they specifically requested as being priority needs. We also included information on trafficking risks.

Although we are a Texas-based organization, our sister State needed our help. As the risk of being trafficked increases with a natural disaster, we want to help ensure we do everything to protect our friends and help prevent trafficking-both labor and sex (sometimes you just have to expand outside your normal boundaries).

Here is a list of items donated!!

1. Tarps

2. Extension cords

3. Box Fans

4. Flashlights and batteries

5. Powerade/Gatorade (water is not needed) Drinks with electrolytes/sugar are needed

6. First Aid Kits

7. Body Wipes (no way for many to shower)

8. Roofing nails

9. Duct tape

10. Utility knives

11. Chain saws

12. Heavy Duty large contractor trash bags (need to be the heavy duty bags for debris/trash)

Thank you to everyone who donated supplies, funds and time!