2:42 Life Bible Study provides a very Merry Christmas!

Posted Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 12:08pm
It was a Merry Christmas for two young ladies

It was a very Merry Christmas for two young ladies thanks to the 2:42 Life Bible Study class at Houston First Baptist-Sienna!

Classmates "adopted" these individuals (and the children) and provided not only wonderful, special Christmas gifts, but household necessities, food items, small kitchen appliances, clothing and even a new mattress and frame!  "R" is no longer having to sleep on the couch thanks to these special folks.  And, to top it off, funds were also given to help with rent for both "R" and "F".  

"F" was so thankful and a little overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers for giving her such gifts.

As for "R", when she saw the gifts for her, she was so overwhelmed by their actions of love.  She said, is this all for me?  
She had never ever been given such gifts before. 

Thank you 2:42 and HFB-Sienna for truly demonstating the spirit of giving and love. And, thank you NSA for your partnership!